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Don't forget to claim VAT exemption if you need  to use crutches due to a chronic medical condition!    


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Using crutches needn't mean that you can't be interested in your appearance.

Shoes and glasses come in a wide array of sizes and colours, why not crutches? Accessorise with designer crutches!

Your coloured crutches can enhance the way you look instead of detracting from it.
Coloured crutches can be something you'll want to show off instead of hiding.

At Chic Aid crutches, you will find a selection of, medically approved, fully coloured, elbow crutches to mix and match with your clothes, shoes, mood, even your car!

Coloured crutches on this site are all available in a wide choice of colours from French manufacturers, HMS-Vilgo, German manufacturers, Kowsky and Dutch manufacturers, Ardin.

Get rid of those boring, grey NHS crutches and show the world that you have style and flair with coloured crutches in a rainbow of colours. Designer crutches are here to make a statement! 


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